Monday, May 29, 2017

Theological Institute Commencement 2017

Last week we celebrated the Commencement of seventeen graduates of our Theological Institute. Cardinal O’Malley and the Faculty of the Institute joined me in in awarding two degrees: Masters in Ministry and Masters in Theological Studies. 

Leslie Buffo, Christine Coffey Donahue, Joe Jorge, Julie Kiricoples, Brother John McCabe, Sarah Melendez, Pat Morrissey, Deacon Tom O'Shea, Rosanna Pacitti, Judy Riopelle, Diane Sarault, Pat Szczebak, and Deacon Tom Walsh earned a Master of Arts in Ministry, while Chris Carmody, Eric Landers, Melissa LaNeve, Daniel Mainardi, and Will Rein earned a Master of Theological Studies.

The commencement address was given by Christa Klein, former president of the In Trust Center for Theological Schools and one of our own trustees. Dr. Klein urged the graduates to use their newly acquired knowledge as an ”instrument of hearing…respecting the needs of others and discovering how [you] can, in mind and heart, know the love of Christ.”

Eric Landers spoke on behalf of the graduates, recalling, ”We've taken precious time away from our families, from our home lives, from our work lives…so that the Lord might fully reveal himself."

Congratulations to our newest graduates! May God grant them a restful summer! They should be proud of the good work they have accomplished in service to Christ and to his Church!