Thursday, April 6, 2017

From this morning's Mass....


Seventy Six years ago, the Rector of Saint John’s Seminary, Monsignor Murray, traveled to Providence to congratulate Monsignor McVinney, the Rector of the brand new Seminary of Our Lady of Providence.

And so began a friendship in 1941 between Brighton and Providence which endures to this day, as I have the privilege to welcome Father Chris Maher, the current Rector of OLP, which like her elder sister here in Boston is bursting at the seams and thriving.

It is always a joy to have you among us, Father, as it is to have your many sons, who have  for generations been among our proudest alumni.  From one holy house to another, welcome!


We hear a promise this morning, by him whom they tried to stone and they soon will crucify.  From the lips of him who is I AM and who was before even Abraham.

It is a promise to those who keep his Word that they will never see death….To those who keep his Word that they will never see death.

The Jews could not believe it, but we, the sons of Christ, know that his promise is true.

As so does Chris Boyle when his grandfather died yesterday… 

As did Father Belchner when he buried his sister last month…

And as did Maureen, when after almost seven days of sleeping at the side of her mom’s hospital bed, she heard her breathe her last.  She knew her mom believed Jesus’ word, and she knew she had not really died, but only passed through a door to a world beyond this one where there is no more suffering or decay, no more crying out in pain or tears…

She knew it, as does Chris and Wayne…they know that the souls of the just are in the hands of God: the same God who created them, who sent his Son as a sacrifice for them and who will raise them up on the last day.

For the Lord remembers his covenant forever.