Saturday, April 22, 2017

Deacon's Night

Holy Hour, a Reception, a talk By Father Eric Cadin, Dinner and a skit (commemorating the future canonization of the Deacon Class of 2017) marked Deacon night.  It was a wonderful evening marked by love of the Priesthood, affection for our brothers and great good humor!

Here are my opening remarks and blessing.

In every age, God raises up men to be his Priests,
servants of his people and images of his Son,
that Christ might continue to offer the perfect sacrifice
and join a holy people to himself.

So, too, tonite,
we celebrate the reason for our being
as a holy house, a seminary, 
where through God’s grace
we grow into what he has called us to be.

Brothers, Holy Deacons,
and soon to be our fathers,
we are proud to call you our friends
and pray for you on each of these final day
as the moment when the Bishop will lay his hands upon you approaches.

And so, this night,
we make the Prayer of Ordination to Priesthood our own, 
as we ask God to “renew deep within you the Spirit of holiness;
that by the example of their manner of your lives,
you may they instill right conduct in others
and lead them to Christ and to his Church.’

Bless these good men, O Lord,
as you bless our food 
and this gathering of our Holy House

through Christ our Lord.  Amen.