Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick's Feast 2017

This evening we celebrated our annual Saint Patrick's Feast with the Saint John's Seminary community.  I began the evening with this blessing, which was then followed with songs, toasts, limericks and stories.  A wonderful evening was has by all!

Heavenly Father, Creator of all that is good, whose sun rises from the craggy shores of Kerry to Saint Botolph city’s bay, look upon us, the sons of Patrick in the Faith and imbue us with a full measure of his zeal, that through our ministry you might drive from these shores the serpents of deception and sin, the snakes of infidelity and fear.

And in their place, raise up good and faithful stewards of the Gospel, who like the Saints of Irish shores will lead this land to adore and embrace the Cross of your only begotten Son. Through the merits of his Passion and Death, bless this Feast of Faith, O Lord, and watch over us as your children, for ever and ever.  Amen.