Monday, January 16, 2017

SJS at the SEEK Conference in Texas!

Fourteen of our seminarians joined nearly 13,000 college students from over 500 colleges and universities for the SEEK Conference in San Antonio, Texas last week.

The conference was filled with beautiful liturgies, adoration, confession, and powerful talks and personal witness by many great Catholic speakers from all over the country.

The delegation from Saint John's (plus some men from OLP studying for Boston) participated in the daily Masses, with Deacon Brian Morris ministering at Masses with Archbishop Gustavo of San Antonio and Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, proclaiming the Gospel to the 13,000 participants. David Madejski and Juan Munoz served the Masses every day during the week and most of the rest of the SJS seminarians assisted with communion distribution.

Adoration was amazing and over 4,000 young adults went to confession that one night alone (another 2,000 or so over the course of the whole week).

All that and an SJS first experience of Texas BBQ as well!  Here are some pictures from the week.