Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Caroling in Brighton...

A bunch of our seminarians went caroling on the streets of Brighton last night, and came back with this extraordinary story.  May it bring you comfort and joy!

"Tonight some of us went caroling around Brighton. One old lady who was brought to the door with a walker by her home health aide couldn't stop smiling. Several parents brought their children out so we could sing them Jingle Bells. Two Boston College students sang Silent Night with us then offered us Christmas cookies. 
"Two families who live in a duplex, both with children, came out on their shared porch to sing with us. An elderly neighbor who lives alone invited us in to sing in her living room. She then invited the college student who lives in the apartment above her to come down and we all sang her favorite song, Silent Night. She then suggested we go to the local Mexican restaurant to sing, which we did. Around 15 people joined us in We Wish You a Merry Christmas. 
"One old man, probably in his 80s, a former U.S. Marine who was there with his granddaughter told us 'this is what Christmas is about.' A man around 60 years old came out of his home with his wife and began to cry saying how many fond memories it brought back. He gave us $20 for pizza. 
At the end of the night, an Armenian gentleman, "Haig," who lives one street over from us came to visit us at Cheverus House (the Deacon residence on Lake Street). We had caroled at his house so he, in turn, came to us. He played his guitar, sang Silent Night to us and brought us fruit cake and Armenian candy. 
"And then there is the picture of a UPS driver who saw us and stopped and asked if we'd sing him a Christmas carol, which we were all too happy to do. 
"It was an incredible experience and it only cost the price of the candles we carried. 
"This is why I love Christmas, and being Catholic so much."