Saturday, October 22, 2016

It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon….

It may have been quiet in Lake Wobegon, but its been rather busy here at your favorite Seminary.  And while the hectic-ness has kept me from posting for several days, here are a few of the highlights.

On Monday the glow of our Softball Victory was still throughout the house.  After Holy Hour and Supper we gathered for my annual dessert reception with the third floor seminarians.  By 11pm we had solved most of the problems of the Church and the world!

Tuesday brought a major progress report on the progress being made at Deacon House and the new home for our Theological Institute on Our Lady of Presentation Campus.  The new Chapel, which will serve both the Deacon and Institute communities, was framed out earlier this week and conduits for the new electrical service are being excavated.  Next week the new windows should go in, followed by the shingles and painting of the exterior, while the interior plumbing is also set to commence.

On Thursday the Class of 2016 returned to Saint John’s for Mass and supper.  Father Chris Bae (Boston) presided at the Liturgy, while Father Curtis Miller (Burlington, left) preached a wonderful homily.  Here’s a picture of their class gift: a beautiful white cope, emblazoned with the Seminary’s Coat-of Arms.

On Thursday evening we took possession of "The Annex" to accommodate our continuing growth.  Everyone is pleased that this Holy House has finally been restored to wholeness.

On Friday I met with Father Kevin O'Leary and Brian Baker of Baker Liturgical Art to review the marbles for the floor and liturgical furnishings at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.  Cardinal O'Malley had asked me to work with Father O'Leary and Father Jonathan Gaspar on this important renovation of Boston's beloved Cathedral.  To the left, you see Mr. Baker and Father O'Leary with some of the marbles which will be used in the extraordinary new Altar of Sacrifice.  Last month I spent a couple days in Pietrasanta in northern Tuscany examining various alternatives to the designs which have now been happily approved so that the work of fabrication can begin.

This morning the Development Committee took part in a three-hour brainstorming session on new and improved initiatives to promote and sustain Saint John’s Seminary.  I am deeply indebted to Sandy Barry, our Director of Annual Giving and Craig Gibson, our Chairman of the Development Committee for the the work which went into this meeting and all the good ideas which emerged from it!

Just a few minutes ago, the fire alarm sounded and we all gathered in the courtyard to await the arrive of the wonderful folks at the Boston Fire Department.  Fortunately, it was just a glitch in our alarm system and everyone was back in the building in time for lunch and time to continue preparing for the mid-terms which have also dominated this week.

Thanks for your prayers!