Sunday, October 23, 2016

Got to see an old friend this morning....

I was delighted this morning to see an old friend at Mass in Saint Joseph's Basilica in Webster.  Jack McNally is the oldest living member of the administration of President John F. Kennedy and a lifelong resident of Webster.  He served as Staff Assistant to President Kennedy for his entire presidency and was one of the primary persons responsible for planning the President's Funeral. 

In his book From the Little Green House to the White House and Beyond (Continuum, 2007) Jack writes of President Kennedy: "I believe his youth, his vigor, his ability not communicate with people the world over, his commitment to a better life, a better world, the hope that he have to people of all walks of life, will allow future generations to rate him as one of our greatest Presidents." (page 92)

Jack is pictured below (to the far left) as President Kennedy is shown a model of the Mercury space capsule in 1961.