Saturday, July 30, 2016

SJS At World Youth Day

My apologies for being "offline" for the past couple of weeks, as rector@sjs took a couple of weeks off in Alaska and Maine. All so I could be ready for the coming weeks of preparations for welcoming a record number of new seminarians, opening of all sorts of newly-renovated spaces and even a meeting of the Vox Clara Committee.
As for the seminarians, these days they are in parishes and other pastoral assignments; some are studying and some are taking a well deserved break. But many of them are in Poland for World Youth Day. This photo of Father Riley deep in prayer (taken by the great George Martell) amidst the youth of the world, reminds us of the many blessings that flow from this great event.

Here are the words with which the Holy Father first greeted the young people from throughout the world a couple days ago.

"At last we are together! Thank you for your warm welcome! I thank Cardinal Dziwisz, the bishops, priests, men and women religious, the seminarians, lay-faithful, and those who have accompanied you. I am also grateful to all those who made it possible for us to be here today, who “went the extra mile” so that we could celebrate our faith. Today, all of us together, are celebrating our faith! 

"In this, the land of his birth, I especially want to thank Saint John Paul II [loud applause] – louder, louder – who first came up with the idea of these meetings and gave them such momentum. From his place in heaven, he is with us and he sees all of you: so many young people from such a variety of nations, cultures and languages but with one aim, that of celebrating Jesus who is living in our midst. Do you understand this? To celebrate Jesus who is living in our midst! To say that Jesus is alive means to rekindle our enthusiasm in following him, to renew our passionate desire to be his disciples. What better opportunity to renew our friendship with Jesus than by building friendships among yourselves! What better way to build our friendship with Jesus than by sharing him with others! What better way to experience the contagious joy of the Gospel than by striving to bring the Good News to all kinds of painful and difficult situations! 

"And it is Jesus who has called us to this Thirty-first World Youth Day. Jesus tells us: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall find mercy (Mt 5:7). Blessed indeed are they who can forgive, who show heartfelt compassion, who are capable of offering the very best to others; the best, not what is left over: the best!"

July 28, 2016 WYD Pilgrims walk thru Old Town and then prepare to Welcome Pope Francis along with 2 million other pilgrims from across the world in a afternoon event. 
Photos by George Martell - Archdiocese of Boston

Thursday, July 21, 2016


The men of SJS at the Institute of Priestly Formation in Omaha were visited by Fathers O'Connor and Scorzello this evening for a great dinner and evening of fraternity!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pilgrimage to Knock...

Deacon Glen Dmytryszyn, our good friend Stephen Poirier and Father Sinisia Ubiparipovich recently visited Father Joseph Briody at the shrine of Our Lady of Knock in Donegal, Ireland.  Here are some great pics from their pilgrimage.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where the Buffalo Roam...

Four of our intrepid seminarians drove nine hours from the Institute for Priestly Formation in Omaha to Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park a few weeks ago. Here are some pics of Joe Hubbard, Corey Rouse, Paul Wargovich and Marcos Enrique amidst these incredible views!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Annual SJS Golf Tournament

My deepest thanks to all who made today's annual Golf Tournament at Wollaston Golf Club!!!  I'll just let these pictures (thanks to George Martel) speak thousands and thousands of words!