Friday, June 3, 2016

With Gratitude to God…

The Saint John’s Seminary Board of Trustees met in an extraordinary session this morning in order to approve two real estate acquisitions which are signs of the unprecedented growth of Saint John’s Seminary in recent years.

The Board of Trustees and the Members of the Corporation of Saint John’s Seminary approved a payment to Boston College in order to terminate the 99-year lease of the Annex: several floors of rooms above the refectory, known affectionately to past generations as “popcorn alley.”  It is hoped that additional space for seminarians and faculty will be available for occupancy in about a year.

Secondly, the Board approved the purchase  of a house within sight of the front door of Saint John’s Seminary at 54 Lake Street to be used for the housing of seminarians and priests.  

Already underway are the construction of “Deacon House” as a residence for our fourth year men in the former Our Lady of the Presentation Rectory and a renovation of the main seminary building in order to provide apartments for additional faculty.  With the sale of Saint Gabriel’s Rectory, present home of the Theological Institute, a brand new Theological Institute is being built into the Lecture Hall and Library on Our Lady of the Presentation Campus.

So, if you have a chance today, say a little prayer of thanks to God who has granted us a little breathing room in this holy house to form more and more future shepherds for his holy flock!