Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Great Pumpkin

On the window sill in the great hall sits a pumpkin, a recollection of the great victory of the SJS Softball team last week.  All the team members have signed it.  

They, and our soccer team and all the seminarians are deep into mid-term exams this week, cramming their notes as they walk by.  Tonight the second floor took a bit of a break for the last of the Dessert Receptions in the rector's apartment.  Tomorrow all the men will join Cardinal O'Malley and the Order of Malta for a Mass in remembrance of Pope Saint John Paul II.  

But tonight, if you walk down the darkened great hall, the moonlight reveals the spectral presence of the great pumpkin, a symbol, of sorts, of the great joy which so infects this holy house (even during mid-term exams).