Thursday, September 24, 2015

Almost back...

In the next couple of hours the bus will return to Saint John's Seminary filled with weary seminarians.    They will carry with them the memories of a pilgrimage to see the Successor of Saint Peter and a visit to our roots as Catholics and Americans.  

None of this would have been possible without your generous support.  Here is a partial list of those who have helped us to defray the cost of this seminarian pilgrimage to see the Pope.  

You were in our grateful prayers 
every step of the way!

Fr. Mike Augustinowitz (class of 1973)

Mrs. Madeleine Boucher

Jim and Pattie Brett

Ms Jerri Lou Buffo

Mr. David Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns

Mr. Michael Ciolek

Fr. Donald Clifford (class of 1961)

Miss Carol Connolly

Mrs. Susan Cullen

Fr. Paul Curran (class of 1959)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dolan

Fr. Mike Dolan (class of 1995)

Bishop Wlater Edyvean

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Furbush, III

Mr. James Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Terri Gancarz

Mr. Charles Goulet 
and Fr. Raymond Goulet

Ms. Kathleen Hagarty

Father Jason Jalbert (class of 2003) 
and The Diocese of Manchester

Seamus and Annie Kane

Ron and Mary Jo Kriz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Barbara Leaver

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne and Theresa Levasseur

Mr. Roland Malboeuf

Mr. John Materazzo

Msgr. Rene Mathieu 
and Good Shepherd Parish, Saco, Maine

Fr. Francis Mawn (class of 1982)

Ruth McDermott and family

Mr. and Mrs. Paul McNulty

Mrs. Joanne Murphy-Abbott

Fr. THomas Nestor (class of 1981)

Barbara and Daniel Norton and family

Ms. Ellen Oesterle

Ms Sue Pedro

Mr. Joseph Riordon

Ms. Kathy Riordan and Margaret Riordan

Mr. John Sears

Ms Sharon Smart and family

Ms Mary Stewart

Ms Margaret Thombs

Mrs. Janice Zika

Fr. Richard Trainor

And thanks to George Martell for his magnificent pictures!