Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Resource Published by our own Dr. Hunt

Peter Philips, Baroque Composer
I am delighted to announce that Dr. Janet hunt has just published a major new edition of  the works of Peter Philips, under the title of Peter Philips: 75 Motets for Two Solo Voices and Organ Continuo from Paradisus Sacris Cantionibus (1628).  This is the first modern edition, as the last re-printing of the partbooks containing these motets occurred in 1641, after the composer’s death.

Peter Philips (1560/1-1628) fled Elizabethan England in 1582 “on account of his Catholic faith,” as he stated several years later in a Brussels certificate of residence.   Following a period of time spent in Rome, he settled in Brussels as a court composer and organist to the Spanish Habsburgs, Archduke Albert and Isabella.  

Albert and Isabella were sympathetic to English Catholic refugees, and were supportive of religious societies and their celebrations in town as well as at court.  Philips composed three collections of sacred motets for solo voices and organ in the new Italian style he had encountered in Rome. Paradisus Sacris Cantionibus was the largest, containing 107 motets for one, two or three voices.  The motets for one and for three voices are available in modern editions or as part of doctoral dissertations, but the 75 two-voiced motets were not available until now.

Most of the texts originate from the Bible and/or as antiphons from the Daily Office for various feast days.  There are several Marian and Eucharistic motets as well.    The edition can be purchased by clicking here or directly from Dr. Hunt at the seminary.

Congratulations, Dr. Hunt on the publication of this great new resource.