Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Dinner

This evening we celebrated our annual Saint Patrick's Day Dinner with corned beef, cabbage, funny stories, jokes and limericks galore (not to mention Irish Coffee served by Fr O'Connor and newly-anointed leprechaun Chan Do). 

Most of the limericks poked fun at faculty and seminarians alike.  

By way of example, Abishai Vase (holder of the Fitzsimmons Chair in Limeratic Excellence) offered this limerick poking fun at our disastrous server conversion and subsequent IT chaos this past year.

Abashai then offered this limerick reflection on the life of Saint Patrick which we celebrated so well throughout this day.

Most of the limericks were "inside jokes" poking fun at our life together as the community of Saint John's.  They were expressions of humor, affection and great good fun.  Thanks to all for a wonderful evening!