Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rector's Conferences

In my two and half years as Rector of Saint John's Seminary I have been privileged to give eighteen Rector's Conferences, which I list here thematically with links to their place in the archives of this blog.  The Rector's Conference is one of my favorite moments (and not just because they stand up when I enter the room!).  It is the time when I am able to share what I think is most important about preparing for priestly ministry with those whom I love the most as brothers and sons.  I pray, dear reader, that you might find one or more of these older reflections to be helpful.  I can't believe there have been eighteen of them!

On Being a Priest

The Seminary                         Seeking Unity

Celibacy                                    Leaving

Relationshops                          Life Online

On Priestly Spirituality

I am Little and God is Big                    Vulnerability

Three Roads to Holiness                

On the Church