Friday, November 7, 2014

Profession of Faith

The Profession of Faith and Fidelity to the Catholic Church was taken tonight by Ryan Sliwa, Peter Stamm, Anthony Cusack, Ramon Garcia and Sinisa Ubiparipovic.  Here are some remarks I offered:

Eight months ago, Pope Francis spoke about this night: about fidelity to the Church and to her tradition.

"Fidelity to the Church,” he said, “fidelity to its teaching; fidelity to the Creed; fidelity to the doctrine, safeguarding this doctrine. Humility and fidelity. Even Paul VI reminded us that we receive the message of the Gospel as a gift and we need to transmit it as a gift, but not as a something of ours: it is a gift that we received."

Sacred Tradition, then, is entrusted to the Church, and to you, her soon to be Sacred Ministers.  This tradition, which comes to us from the Apostles is of the Lord Jesus, so that whoever listens to the Church listens to Christ.  

The role you assume in becoming bearers of that Tradition, disciples of the Lord is an awesome responsibility.  You will be called to give an account for it at the Last Judgement, and each day in between it will be your sacred charge and greatest joy to bring Jesus to your brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and lead them to Christ.

I give thanks for your witness and your faithful love, my brothers.  And so, I call you forth to take the Oath of Fidelity to the Church on the Bible brought to these shores by the first Bishop of Boston.  May Bishop Chevrus pray for you from heaven!