Sunday, October 5, 2014

Assisi Lions

Today we celebrated the Feast of Saint Francis in Assisi and I prayed for each of our seminarians by name at both the tomb of the poverello and the porziuncula.  As I prayed, I carried small copies of the cross of San Damiano which I will give to each of our seminarians when I return to the Seminary.

I began the day at San Ruffino, the Cathedral where Saint Francis and Saint Clare were both baptized.  

The front door to the Cathedral is one of my favorite places in Assisi, because it reminds me of the last judgement, which is depicted at the top of the door.  

At the right of the door is a happy lion, playing with the just man, who lays sleeping (albeit a bit worn) beneath the happy lion’s paws.  At the left side of the door an angry lion devours the head of the unjust man, as a sign that we all have a choice and that we will face eternal reward or punishment on the last day.  Meanwhile, all around the door are fantastical figures, all signs of the wonders of God’s creation.

Tomorrow morning I will celebrate Mass at the porziuncula and then I’m back to Rome for a couple more meetings before flying home on Tuesday.