Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Camino IV

Dear Msgr. Moroney,

These last couple of days we've been getting to our albergues (shelters) quite late in the night....sorry I haven't had the chance to send out an update until now. It's unbelievable how quickly time has passed here, we will be arriving God willing tomorrow in Santiago. We have come across some incredibly generous people along the Camino who have treated us to meals, provided shelter for us, and have enjoyed the singing and juggling! Without a doubt Our Blessed Mother has been protecting us 

Tomorrow we will have a 37 kilometer walk, which will make for a long day; however, we are excited to finally reach Santiago. In preparation for this long day we had a nice pasta and pork meal...so we should be all set for the walk.

I send along some more pictures...please continue to pray for us and especially tomorrow for good weather (since its expected to rain). We continue to keep you in our prayers,

Bernardo and the Clowns of God

Dinner after a 40 km day!
(With some Canadian friends and pilgrims)

Steve Poirier and Matthew Schultz on the Camino

Enjoying the walk
right before a rapid descent from the mountain O Cebreiro