Thursday, April 10, 2014

Board of Trustees

Here's a great photo from our Board of Trustees meeting last week.  We are very grateful to these wise and generous folks!


Members of the Corporation

Cardinal Seán OMalley, OFM, Cap. (ex officio)
Ex Officio, Archbishop of Boston

Monsignor James P. Moroney
Ex Officio, Rector

Bishop Peter Uglietto
Ex Officio, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Boston

John E. Straub (ex officio)
Ex Officio, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Boston

Bishop Walter J. Edyvean
Ex Officio, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (appointed)

On Behalf of the Board of Governors

Bishop Robert J. McManus
Bishop of Worcester

Bishop Salvatore Matano
Bishop of Rochester


Janet Benestad (term expires end of 2015) 

Reverend Michael E. Drea (term expires end of 2016)

Joseph M. Falcao (term expires 2015)

Loretta Gallagher (term expires end of 2016)

Craig Gibson (term expires end of 2016)

Brian H. Hook (term expires end of 2014) 

Reverend Jason Jalbert (term expires 2015)

Thomas C. Kohler (term expires end of 2015)

Gino V. Lambo (term expires end of 2014) 

Reverend Robert M. Murphy (term expires end of 2015)

Reverend Thomas Petri, O.P. (term expires 2016)

Jack Shaughnessy, Jr. (term expires 2016)

Peter Silva (term expires end of 2014)

Andreás Widmer (term expires end of 2014)


Board of Governors

Cardinal Seán OMalley, OFM, Cap., Archbishop of Boston

Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair, Archbishop of Hartford, CT

Most Reverend George W. Coleman, Bishop of Fall River

Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci, Bishop of Manchester

Vacant, Bishop of Burlington

Most Reverend Timothy McDonnell, Bishop of Springfield

Most Reverend Robert McManus, Bishop of Worcester

Most Reverend Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of Providence