Sunday, February 2, 2014

Congratulations to Stephen Lundrigan!

Bishop Robert J. McManus admitted Stephen Lundrigan to candidacy and to the ministry of Lector this morning at Saint Paul's Cathedral in Worcester. Monsignor Moroney and Father Briody were present at the Mass to congratulate Stephen on behalf of the entire Seminary community. 

The following is excerpted from the homily in the Rite of Candidacy:

So now, dear brother, we address these words to you who have already begun your formation. Through this formation you will learn each day to live according to the Gospel and to be strengthened in faith, hope, and charity. By practicing these virtues you will grow in the spirit of prayer and in zeal to win all mankind for Christ.

Compelled by the love of Christ and strengthened by the inner working of the Holy Spirit, you have arrived at the moment when you are to express openly your desire to be bound in Holy Orders for the service of God and mankind. This desire we shall receive with joy.

From this day on, you must cultivate more fully your vocation using especially those means that can be offered to you as help and support by the ecclesial community entrusted with this task.