Saturday, December 7, 2013

Peter Stamm in the New York Times

Cardinal O'Malley called me this morning to tell me that our own
Peter Stamm appears among the letters to the editor in response to a column disparaging Priestly celibacy. Congratulations, Peter! All I can say is, Amen!

To the Editor:

Bill Keller’s column illustrates many of the changes in perspective that have taken place in the recent history of the Catholic Church. He doesn’t mention an important one: most young priests and seminarians these days don’t share his generation’s hang-ups over celibacy.

We understand celibacy to be a valuable expression of our total commitment to Christ and his people, one that enables us to give more fully of ourselves. This is a choice we don’t make lightly; the challenges and exigencies of a healthy celibate life are thoroughly presented over the course of years of seminary study.

Celibacy is indeed a discipline that is open for discussion, but you will find that most of us are in favor of keeping it.

Brighton, Mass., Dec. 2, 2013

The writer is studying for the priesthood.