Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Progress at the OLP Campus

The new Our Lady of the Presentation Campus is being readied for the September 16th opening of the new Lecture Hall and Library.  Having just completed the polishing of the ceramic floor tiles, the new hardwood floor will be laid starting tomorrow.  The plumbing for the new ADA bathrooms is almost complete and the main doors are back at the shop being sandblasted and repainted.

Here you see the footings and walls being prepared for the new handicap ramp on the front of the building. The ramp will be practically invisible from the street once the shrubs have been properly arranged.

Today we also picked up a new statue of Saint Joseph for the shrine to the right of the sanctuary.  Rohn Design is providing a hand carved life-sized statue of the Blessed Virgin and child which is being antiqued at their Pittsburgh studio as we speak.

All together, the new Our Lady of the Presentation Library and Lecture Hall will sparkle for all to see as we complete Phase One of this project in just a couple of weeks!