Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The Rohn Study Tour of the Cathedrals of Northern France has arrived.  The food is great, the Mass at the High Altar in Notre Dame Cathedral was deeply moving, the kindness of the Parisians is gratifying...But what has impressed me  is this man...and the woman with her children...and the handful of students who stood silently in front of the Ministry for Justice.  Silently, staring at the justice building.  It was their protest against the recent attempt to change the definition of marriage in French law.  They just stood there.  Staring in silence.  For a long time.  That's impressive.
Kathy Maglico, Sr. Janet Baxendale, Monsignor Jim Moroney, Monsignor Bill Fay, Monsignor Don Sakano, Monsignor Bob Johnson and Tom Lyman, noble pilgrims all!