Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Sneak Peek at our new Tabernacle...

The latest addition to our glorious Chapel of Saint John the Evangelist is a new tabernacle which will be placed in the center of the apse.  Based on Bramante’s “Temipetto,” the classic Renaissance Church of San Pietro in Montorio on the Janiculum Hill, the tabernacle has been crafted of onyx and alabaster.  With plans for its dedication in September, the marble craftsmen in Carrara, Italy have been hard at work and sent along some pictures as they completed the first stages of its construction.

Here’s what Bramante’s “Tempietto” looks like.
Here’s the artist’s conception of our Tabernacle.

Here are the first photos of the tabernacle as it is taking shape.  I can’t wait until the details are introduced.  I can’t wait until it is completed and in place as a worthy house for the Body of the Lord.