Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Father Pignato on Evangelical Catholicism

The annual assembly of the Worcester Presbyterate is taking place in Hyannis this week.  We are blessed to be hearing a reflection on Evangelical Catholicism and the Priesthood with Father David Pignato, a priest of the Diocese of Fall River and a member of our own faculty at Saint John's Seminary.  In his first talk this morning he quoted from a March 25, 2013 letter of Pope Francis to the Bishops of Argentina:

"A Church that does not go out, sooner or later gets sick in the vitiated atmosphere of her enclosure. It is true also that to a Church that goes out something can happen, as it can to any person who goes out to the street: to have an accident. Given this alternative, I wish to say to you frankly that I prefer a thousand times an injured Church than a sick Church. The typical illness of the shut-in Church is self-reference; to look at herself, to be bent over herself like the woman in the Gospel. It is a kind of narcissism that leads us to spiritual worldliness and to sophisticated clericalism, and then it impedes our experiencing 'the sweet and comforting joy of evangelizing.'"