Sunday, April 7, 2013

Second Lieutenant Sinisa Ubiparipovic

Sinisa with his mother and brother

Sinisa and Callan Davis, also a chaplaincy candidate

Sinisa with the Chaplains in attendance
This afternoon Sinisa Ubiparipovic took the oath of office and became a second Lieutenant and chaplaincy candidate in the Massachusetts National Guard.  The oath was taken in the presence of Army Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Larry Bazar, Army Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Paul Miner, and Navy Chaplain Captain Michael Barber, SJ.  Father Barber also serves as Spiritual Director of Saint John’s Seminary.  In the course of the ceremony, Monsignor Moroney offered the following remarks:

Distinquished and Reverend chaplains, friends all.

I want to thank Sinisa and his family for inviting us all to join them this afternoon for this important event in the life of our brother and friend.

Today, Sinisa, you join a proud group of chaplains who have sought to serve the men and women of the United States Armed Services.  You too will serve them by making them strong, as you lead them to He who is omnipotent.  Likewise, you will make them courageous and honorable by leading them to the source of all virtue.

Since the first Chaplain was hired by the Continental Congress in 1791, more than four hundred chaplains have given their life for their country while leading their brothers and sisters to God.

May God make you worthy of this great work and may God keep safe from harm all those to whom you will be sent to minister.

On behalf of Saint John’s Seminary, I thank all the chaplains present here today for the sacrifices they have made for their country and their God.  You honor this holy house by your presence, my brothers, and you inspire us by your example.

Thank you.