Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prayers for Bishop D'Arcy

Thirty years ago, Father John D’Arcy was spiritual director and professor of spiritual theology here at Saint John’s Seminary.  During the past year Bishop D’Arcy has been an invaluable advisor to me as I have sought to become a good rector.  Several months ago, Bishop D’Arcy sent me a whole packet of publications on seminary formation, each of which have been very helpful.  His love for Saint John’s Seminary and for each of our seminarians is tangible.

Now Bishop D’Arcy needs our prayers.  Here’s an excerpt of what he wrote to the people of the Church in South Bend yesterday:

I have a very rare form of cancer. Very rare.  It is quick striking and came as a surprise, “like a thief in the night” as the Scripture says.  I am now undergoing 15 days of radiation, which is palliative and has eased many symptoms.  After that, there will be some consideration of chemotherapy.  The doctors here are in close communications with my doctor in Fort Wayne.  

Now, most importantly, I ask everyone for your prayers.  Pray that I will accept this and whatever is to come with a full heart and a full “Yes” to God.  I am grateful to God for the extraordinary life He has given me and the graces He has poured out on me.  I thank God for my family and that I was born in the Catholic faith, which has always defended and defends in these troubled times the dignity of life and of the human person and the nature, which God has given us.  Over everything, I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Priesthood.  I never felt worthy of it.  I thank God with all my heart that I was appointed by Christ through the Church as shepherd of our beloved diocese.  

Pray that God will find my heart pure and holy and pray that I will trust God and rely, not on my own goodness, but on the merits and sacrifice of Christ our Savior.   

Above everything, pray for me and for my soul and that I will be found worthy to enter into the heavenly place that God has prepared for all of us, where I hope to meet my dear parents and so many loved ones.  

Please pray for me.  

Bishop John M. D’Arcy