Friday, August 10, 2012

Education Affairs Committee

I am pleased to announce that the following members of the Faculty have been appointed as members of the Education Affairs Committee for the Academic Year 2012/2013:

Rev. Raymond Van De Moortell, Director of Intellectual Formation and Dean of Faculty, ex officio 
Rev. Edward Riley, Director of Pastoral Formation, ex officio
Rev. Christopher O’Connor, President of TINE and Vice Rector
Rev. Joseph Scorzello, Director of Pre-Theology
Rev. Stephen Salocks

“Intellectual formation,” the Program for Priestly Formation reminds us, “is a fundamental demand of man's intelligence by which he participates in the light of God's mind and seeks to acquire a wisdom which in turn opens to and is directed towards knowing and adhering to God." (no.136)  The work of the Education Affairs Committee makes all this possible in the classrooms of this Seminary.