Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Some changes are under way beginning this week in facilities at the Seminary:  
Room 116 (previously Fr. Riley’s Office) will be divided into two offices: one for Fr. Pignato (Human Formation) and one for Mrs. Kriz (Exec Asst. to Rector).
Room 122 (currently Fr. Salocks’ Office) will become a file room for the Rector’s Office.
Room 123 (currently Fr. O’Connor’s Office) will become the Office of Fr. Riley (Dean of Men)
Room 130 (currently Mrs. Kriz’s and secretaries’ Offices) will become the Vice Rector’s Office
Room 136 (Currently Mrs. DeBernardi’s Office and part time secretarial) will become Fr. VandeMoortell’s Office (Director of Intellectual Formation) and Mrs. Debernardi’s Office (Registrar)
The present Copy Room will become an office for the part time secretaries, while the copy machine has been moved to a space just outside the Business Office.  The Linen Room will become the Adjunct Spiritual Directors Room, while linens will be located in a cabinet in the corridor.
A new Faculty Conference Room is being added to the Rectory and Bishop Kennedy, who will have offices at the Pastoral Center and at TINE, is moving into his new apartment right next door to the Rector’s apartment.